How to tease him when he’s tied-up

I get clients into bondage once in a while. They ask to be tied up to the bed post and I do all the work. Some women tie their men to tease them- just to be fucked rough when the men are freed from bondage. But it’s up to the woman to get him worked up, which begs the question: What do you do to a tied-up man?

Step 1: Tease him, work his appetite. We’re not giving him the main course (sex) without the appetizer: a striptease. Make sure you have nice lingerie on. Nobody wants to see you undress out of your ratty old shirt and underwear with skid marks. Nothing turns a man off faster than nasty panties with menstrual stains on it. 

Step 2: Lick the lollipop. Don’t go too deep if you just want to tease. Once I deep throated too much and he was bucking up on the bed, it triggered my gag reflex. You don’t want to blow chunks on him so don’t get too ambitious with deep-throating. Halfway is fine. You just want to make him hard, not make him come.

Step 3: When he’s at full mast from Step 2, position your womanhood over his rock-hard Tower of Terror. I hate to say squat, because that makes it look like you’re about to take a dump in the wild, but squat over his dick, and open yourself up right over the cock head. Think of it as opening the petals of your flower. I swear, he will be yanking those fuzzy handcuffs like he’s Russell Crowe in Gladiator fighting for freedom. 

Is it time to set him free? Not yet. Maybe let loose one wrist just to whet his appetite. He’ll get so worked up, he’ll fuck you like a mercenary when he gets his hands on you.  

Step 4: Rub your open folds on his shaft. Don’t sit on his erection yet, just kiss the cock head with the lips of your sex. Make sure it’s a wet kiss! (No, really. Use lube, or it will chafe!) I promise you, he will get so sexually frustrated he’ll be raring to go once he’s free. He’s like Seabiscuit just waiting for the gates to open. I have to warn you though, once you untie him, he is not going to be gentle. That’s a man starving for some pie. Once free, he’s going to ravage your sweet warmth like the deprived man that he is. (Or shall I say, depraved?)


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